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In a close cooperation with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University, this Project is aimed to keeping alive the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve and the development of the communities within it. Invigorating the whole Biosphere Reserve will help improve the neighbourhoods, although always acting from the ideal balance between the socio-economic development and the natural and cultural values.

To point out the value of each community's features is vital and can only be achieved with the co-operation of the neighbours. With the creation of the ‘environmental committees' formed by the inhabitants of each community, participation and consensus have been key to the definition of the actions to be carried out in each one.


  • Sustainable communities

Getting to stand out the particular features of each community within the Biosphere Reserve and its value through actions such as:

Paths signage and info panel son fauna, flora, uses, traditions, orography or culture;

Adaptation of the environment (paths, viewpoints, etc.)

Restoration of ethnographic values (fountains, mills, irrigation canals…),

Clean up of areas and environmental and cultural values.

Active volunteering from the environment committees which have undertaken some of the before mentioned actions.


  • Eco-communities network

To achieve the sharing of the experiences in each community and to create synergies through the use of social networks, WikiCommunities and the Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve web.
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Ecobarrios I_2013-2014:

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